I'm 3 Treatments into a Brazilan Laser. I Have Discovered Some Grey Hairs I Was Not Aware Of. They Tell Me Nothing Can Be Done?

I'm 3 treatments into a brazilan laser. I have discovered some grey hairs I was not aware of. They tell me nothing can be done for this but I talked to someone who said there is a new laser that will remove the grey. True?? Safe to treat along with traditional laser?

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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

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Brazilian laser hair removal is a very popular treatment with both women and men. There is currently no laser available that can effectively remove grey, blonde or red hair. We suggest that our patients with minimal amounts of unwanted light hair consider electrolysis. It is not ideal for large areas of hair removal, but it can be very effective for the removal of stray light hairs following laser hair removal

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Treating gray hairs with lasers

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At this time there isn't a great laser for treating gray, white, or light colored hair. The reason is that laser hair removal machines, regardless of the type, pulse, etc. are attracted to pigment, and that's how they work. So hairs that don't have a lot of pigment to them, i.e., gray, white, blonde, light orange, etc. won't be effectively treated.

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