Im a 32 Years Old Man Who Did Laser Hair Removal on my Beard and Now I Want It Back What Can I Do? (photo)

i did laser hair removal with the light sheer six years agoon my facial hair when i had full beard...and its dark i have very little hair and patchy spots... and i want to bring back the beard ...will the facial hair ever grow back on those patchy spots? is minoxidil can help for that? or is this hair gone forever?

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I want my hair back after laser hair removal

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Sorry, not going to happen. Once a hair follicle is destroyed by laser hair removal, that hair follicle cannot regrow hair under any circumstances. In order for Propecia, Minoxidil, Rogaine, Latisse, etc. to work, you have to have an active hair follicle capable of producing hair. Yours are destroyed so using any of those will be totally pointless.

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