Can Laser Hair Removal in the Bikini Area Cause Me to Spot Blood?

I have spotted the last 2 times i have gone and they are spaces 6 months apart. Also messing up my cycle.

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Spotting after Laser Hair Removal

There are no hormonal changes with laser hair removal.  Irregular cycles should be addressed by your gynecologist.  Some dermatologists will also evaluate you for medical causes for excess hair growth, which can sometimes present with spotting, for example.

By the way, laser treatments should be spaced more closely together to achieve the highest number of hairs eliminated with each session.  Basically, as soon as the hairs stsrt growing back in significant numbers, it is time to go back. Your dermatologist can help you to determine the optimal spacing of treatments, as the hair cycle varies in duration with different locations.

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Laser Hair Removal in the Bikini Area and the Menstrual Cycle

Laser Hair Removal in the Bikini Area is not known to affect in any way the frequency or quantity of menstruation. Laser treatments of any type on the body should not have an influence on menstruation or any other hormonally mediated process in our body. However, I would recommend that you keep a log of your menstrual cycles, particularly if they've been unusually irregular, and present it to your gynecologist for evaluation. This is in general an important measure to follow if a person is having irregular periods for the first time. A hormonal evaluation or other work-up may be recommended by your doctor. 

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