What Treatments Are Available to Permanently Whiten/lighten Skin?

I have been trying unsuccessfully to lighten my natural skin tone. I am interested in laser treatments that will permanently lighten/whiten my skin. What options are available? Thank you!

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Treatments for Skin Lightening

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Thank you for your question. There are other options to lighten skin tone including lasers, bleaching creams, and chemical peels. You should have a consultation with a board certified dermatologist to discuss which option is best for you. You have to consider though that no matter which treatment you decide to do that it will not produce a permanent result and that sun avoidance as well as the use of sunscreen (SPF 30 with zinc oxide) is required.  I hope this helps

Permanent whitening of skin

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The only true skin lightening agent is hydroquinone, a skin bleaching agent, which is prescribed by a physician and compounded by a special pharmacy. Small areas can be treated individually, but you cannot apply it to the full body all at once. Additionally some areas will lighten more or less than other areas, but different strengths can be used. The real thing that needs to be discussed here is why you want to do this......

Skin lightening can be achieved through various treatments

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Skin lightening is typically a set of depigmentation (i.e. reducing melanin pigmentation) procedures  for a lighter skin tone or whitening darker complexion. 

This can be achieved through a number of ways including but not limited to laser procedures, plastic surgery procedures, chemical peels and bleaching.

My advice would be to visit a board certified and well experience skin care expert in your city. Brief the doctor your condition, tell them what you desire then weigh your options.

Also, there's something else you should consider. Beauty comes in various colours and forms. You don't need to confirm to a media dominated image of lighter skin tone.

Its more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating and exercising right. Please keep in mind that dark skin can be just as beautiful as lighter skin.

Treatments to Permanently Lighten the Skin

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If you are interested in certain areas of the body to permanently lighten the skin you are best to utilize bleaching creams and chemical peels.  I often combine different specially compounded bleaching creams from my office with different serums to have the best cosmetic results.  Cosmelan is also extremely effective for lightening the skin, especially with Melasma. Chemical peels hasten the skin lightening results.  Patients ask me about glutathione but it is not FDA approved and not safe to use.  Lasers such as Fraxel and Clear and Brilliant can be used at times depending on the skin type and the area of lightening desired.  Please consult an expert in skin lightning for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Body Brightening

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There is a Body Brightening Kit from Kare Skin which will be available in June 2017. 

I use their Skin Brightening Kit for the face.


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