Penis Head Discoloration? Any Options? (photo)

My Penis head was pink in color. Before 15 years I got circumsized and then started changing color to brown.( now 65% brown and remaining is pink.) I prfer to havbe brown color fully.What could be the remedy? I saked few taoo shop whether they can do tatoo? But they said that they need a special ink that they don't have. Can you please suggest the best method? Can you please tell me where can i do tatoo in Houston ,Texas?

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Penis discoloration

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There are several conditions that can lighten penile skin. The most common would likely be vitiligo. A visit to your local dermatologist could help clarify the diagnosis and rule out other diseases that lighten skin.  Your dermatologist could also introduce you to a few potential treatments. Tattooing a large surface area of genital skin would not be highly recommended because it could result in significant pain or loss of sensation afterward that could be permanent. Phototherapy might be a safer option than tattooing.

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