Treatment Options for Sun Damaged Arms and Chest

Hi! I lived in Spain for six years and spent a lot of time enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. On returning back to the U.K., I noticed a change in the appearance of my skin tone and after visiting a doctor it was confirmed as sun damage. In particular I would LOVE to clear up the pink, mottled complexion on my arms, hands and chest.

I've been told it's vascular damage caused by the sun and the result of millions of blood vessels being damaged close to the surface of the skin. I am currently having ppx laser treatment after reading about its results and after attending several consultations, it sounded like the best possible treatment. However after three treatments, I am not really noticing the benefits. I understand these things take time, but sometimes I wonder if anything would really help with the damage.

I would really LOVE to hear your opinions on a possible treatment that would help with my skin issue. I am also using a vitamin A based cream in addition to the treatment. Im sorry to go on but im beginning to loose hope. Many thanks. I look forward to hearing your replies with my fingers crossed. Regards, Ryan Ridout

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