How Should I Treat Thin Skin Under the Eyes That Course Dark Circles/ Fine Lines and Visible Purple Broken Veins? (photo)

I've got a pale complexion and thin skin under the eyes which gives the appearence of dark circles, fine lines when I smile (told dehydration lines)I've purple broken veins directly under the eyes in the corners, and also on the eye lids.Possibley from sun damage.What is the best procedure to treat these issues from my photos? I was recommended a course of 3 PELLEVE to tighten and thicken skin. should I have restylane filler to plump skin, or use a strong cream? or have IPL/laser for veins?HELP

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Darkened under eyes

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This is a very common concern for patients. The best treatment depends on the individual. Due to the thin nature of the skin and the high vascularity underneath, the area can be darker than surrounding skin. If there is pigment, in addition, which is common in darker pigmented individuals, carefully administered peels or hydroquinone based creams can be used to help decrease pigment. Filler can help with any hollowness to the tear trough, and should be carefully administered. Cold compress, allergy medication (if you have environmental or other allergies that increase the swelling), as well as other topicals can help improve the appearance. Best of luck.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dark under eye circles

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Dark under eye circles are difficult to treat. Restylane or belotero in the tear trough will help add volume under the thin skin. Vitamin A topical creams/gels/lotions (retinol over the counter, or tretinoin prescription) can help thicken the skin as well. Protecting the thin skin from the sun with sunscreen is a must, and anti-histamines, such as zyrtec, allegra, claritin, occasionally improve under eye circles as well. Pelleve can certainly help tighten the skin, but I wouldn't start there. 

Ramona Behshad, MD
Saint Louis Dermatologic Surgeon

How should I treat thin skin and dark circles under eyes?

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You could try a dermal filler such as Restylane or Belotero, "Very" carefully placed under the eyes via blunt cannula; or for a more permanent correction,  you could consider fat grafting in that area.  It would add volume and also help to cover the vascularity that gives the area the red/purple color. I would be very cautious about laser or IPL up that close to the eyes. It appears that volume under your eyes would correct many of the issues you are concerned about.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How Should I Treat Thin Skin Under the Eyes That Course Dark Circles/ Fine Lines and Visible Purple Broken Veins?

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     You could try Restylane to the tear troughs, but bruising can occur no matter what is introduced into that area.




Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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