Can I Transfer One of my Moles Onto my Face with Surgery?

I have some small beauty marks on my face but would like to have a more visible, darker spot and thus I wonder if its possible to transfer a tiny mole that I have on my body and place it on my cheek permanently ?

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Transfering a mole to the face


Theoretically it can be done as it would be just like performing a full thickness skin graft to the area with the mole in the graft.  But, why would you do it?  It is not worth the risks associated with the procedure and there will be a failure rate as well.  I would just encourage you to have a mole tattooed in the area you want it.  It would be less painful than surgery on the area.


Stephen Salerno

Although anything's possible...

you'll never get a doctor to do it...if you really want a "mole" on your cheek...get one tattooed on...or better yet, just paint one on and erase it when you want...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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