Indentation from Mole Shave Excision on Face. What Can I Do to Fix It? (photo)

I had a shave biopsy done on my face for a raised mole or a mole. It has left me with a round gaping hole. It has been almost 2 weeks and i am very worried as it is still indented. Will this ever level out or what can be done to fix it with out having an excision done to correct it? I have a wedding in 2 months so I'm worried about what I can do. I believe my doctor went in deep to prevent the re-occurance of the mole. I didn't know she would have to go so deep. What are my options?

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Sorry about the scarring...give it another

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several weeks to heal then you can consider something called subcision and injection of a filler...and then there's surgical removal of the area either with a punch biopsy or a regular excision and sutures...even though you don't want it cut out...that may be the best option if the doctor doesn't think the first option will work...both are quick, simple and with the 2 month deadline and the two more weeks to heal time to see your doctor and make plans...

Las Vegas Dermatologist

Mole removal

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Since it has only been 2 weeks from the procedure, I would encourage you to wait longer for the area to fully heal.  If the area is still indented, then other options including complete surgical excision and laser can be discussed.

Biopsy Scar

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The biopsy site looks to be healing well based on your photo. Two weeks is still very early in the healing process and the area should flatten out more over time.  The edges are still inflamed and when this resolves the scar should become smoother.  I have used my Fraxel laser (non ablative resurfacing) on scars at 2 weeks with very nice results.  The scars smooth out and blend nicely with this treatment.  I would recommend good wound care and Fraxel laser treatment now. If a depressed area still remains I would consider filler in the future. Enjoy the wedding!  

Shave mole Biobsy

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I do not recommend shave biopsy for moles. This is for many reasons. I am not sure why you have an indented scar, could be due to deep cautery. To correct I would excise, thus convert  to a line of a scar and then treat with laser resurfacing to try to smooth as much as possible

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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