What type of surgery can fix this severe case of a gummy smile without tampering the upper lip? (Photo)

I've always been self-conscious about my gummy smile. To be completely honest, my gummy smile only shows when I am laughing or smiling very widely. I am able to hide it most of the time (minimizing laughing, covering mouth, mid-smile) but I am very tired of doing so. I don't really feel comfortable doing anything to my fix so I don't want to do anything to my lips. What type of surgeries would fix this? And what would be the approximate prices? Thank you for your time.

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Fixing a Gummy Smile

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There are several surgeries that can be preformed.  The first is a maxillary impaction that actually moves your entire jaw upward to eliminate the Gummy smile.  It is a major surgical procedure and I do not reccomend it based on the fact you are overall happy with your smile.

The second is a gingivectomy that removes some gum covering the tooth but will not completely fix the problem but will significantly improve it.

Crown lengthening where both bone and gum is removed is possible but it might make your teeth look too large so I would probably wait on that.

It is possible to do a reverse vestibuloplasty that limits how high the lip moves when you laugh or have a huge smile.  I would probably reccomend this if the gingivetomy alone did not give you the results you desire.

There is also a non-surgical orthopedic treatment called Epigenetic Orthodontics where the maxilla (upper jaw) is gradually widened that would also bring the front teeth back and give a big wide smile.

This is done with the DNA Appliance and it would allow a less gummy smile by orthopedically changing the position of teeth and bone that supports the lip.

Gummy Smile Correction

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Thank you for your question regarding your gummy smile and for submitting your photos. You are showing more than the normal amount of gum with your full smile. I see that you don't want to touch the position of your upper lip. You should be evaluated by a periodontist to see if you have more crown to your teeth underneath your gum. If you do, then trimming your gums will eliminate some of your gum shown. Another alternative is to consider orthognathic surgery which is designed to reposition your jaw so you don't have so much gum show. There is also one more method so you don't have reposition your lips, and instead inject Botox so your lips wont move as much when you smile big. This is a noninvasive method of preventing your gums showing as much. Good luck!

How Can I Correct a "Gummy Smile?"

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A "gummy smile" is caused by an underdeveloped maxilla (bones that form a person's upper dental arch).
Epigenetic orthopedics is the most conservative way to correct a "gummy smile." This is done with a comfortable, easy-to-use appliance that slowly develops your underdeveloped upper dental arch. 

Contouring the gum and possibly bone around the upper front teeth can also help eliminate a "gummy smile."

Good luck!

Gum lift for gummy smile

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You appear to have the right length of teeth so lifting the gums up may not be an option. It looks like you may need to have procedure called Zplasty. This can be done by a plastic surgeon or periodontist. This is a lip repositioning procedure which will allow your lip to drop down more over the teeth. Botox can also be used to drop your lip down. 

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