I'm 20 and my gums are receding. What should I do? How bad is it really? (Photo)

I have had this for years and it got worse after wearing braces for 3 years. I'm now almost 20 years old

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Gum Recession

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Thank you for your question regarding gum recession. I agree that you should be concerned if you have gum recession because this exposes the root of your teeth and causes damage over time. There are many different ways that we can improve the gum tissue and coverage and you should be seen by a periodontist for this type of treatment. Good luck!

Determine Cause to Determine Treatment

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Hi there, and thanks for your question. Although you do seem to be showing signs of receding gums, the good news is that you appear to have caught it early. The first step to alleviating the issue is determining its cause. Gum recession can have many different causes, ranging from brushing your teeth too aggressively to certain medical conditions. I recommend seeing your regular dentist or a periodontist to learn what's causing your receding gums. Once you understand the cause, you can work together to find the solution.

Gum tissue recession

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First of all, bare minimum, you want to see your dentist to monitor the recession.  However, at your age I would suggest that you take action before the situation worsens.  Whether the recession is caused by extreme brushing, localized bone loss, malocclusion (teeth hitting incorrectly), the ligament/frenum pulling on the gums or unattached gum tissue, it is imporant to figure out the cause so you can discover the best treatment option.  I would recommend evaluation by a periodontist (bone and gum specialist) and look into fixing the cause and work towards how to repair.  Most likely you will require a gingival graft to replace the lost and receeding tissue.

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist

Receding Gums

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I would recommend that you consult with a periodontist concerning this recession.  You are very young to have this recession and should not wait to have it addressed.  At some point it may require a gingival graft that would be taken from your palate.  See what a board certified periodontist recommends and then make your decision.  Good luck.  

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