Can you get co2 laser after getting juvederm filler?

I got subcision and filler done, then 3 weeks later had more juviderm put it for my acne scars, almost 6 syringes in total, and it worked great! I was told I can do co2 laser a month after but I don't want any juviderm to be lost in the process, will it zap some of the filler or is it proven to be okay.

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Can you get co2 laser after getting juvederm filler?

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Thanks for your query. You can get a laser done after a gap of 30-45 days from the day of procedure. If done early the heat does have a tendency o melt the filler. Hope it helps.

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Lasers Before Fillers Like Juvederm, Restylane

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There's no hard and fast rule, but I prefer to do the resurfacing first, and then add the fillers like Juvederm. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer 

Jason Emer, MD
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CO2 laser following Juvederm

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Dear jay306:It is hard to give you a precise answer unless it is stated exactly which CO2 laser would be used--there are at least two versions, and even some  of the same versions, made by different companies, vary in their precise effects. Are you talking about the "fractional" CO2 laser or the "regular" CO2? The regular CO2 ablates (burns away) the epidermis but does not penetrate, so would not be expected to affect your injected filler. However, the "fractional" version of the CO2 does get as deep as the dermis and might influence the "filler" that has been injected into the dermis. So, you need to ask how superficial the Juvederm was placed, and check with a board-certified plastic surgeon who routinely uses these lasers about the type of CO2 laser which is being recommended,  and its exact characteristics. (and, btw, a better laser for acne scarring is the Fraxel, and not the CO2).Good Luck!

James H. Scheu, MD, FACS
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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