Price to Have 8 Teeth Bonded?

All I need is the top 8 teeth bonded. They are yellow, gap and 1 twisted tooth. I want pearl white pretty teeth. Mother took tricycline while she was pregnant with me. I have always been ashamed of my teeth. Do have dental insurance.

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Tetracycline stains

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Tetracycline stains are 'intrinsic' color as compared to coffee, cigarette or chocolate stains which are 'extrinsic'. Intrinsic stains are more difficult to eliminate.  Whitening with carbamide peroxide will remove intrinsic stains making them lighter in color, but they will still be that greenish-brown tetracycline color, just less of it.  Bonding will mask over the color, and the lighter the color the less bonding will be needed.  Remember that adding bonding to the front of the teeth will make them thicker, and you don't want to fix a color problem while creating a size problem.  Also bonding will last five to ten years.  Do you really want to have this problem back in that short of a time?  If you are interested in the best long term solution, consider first whitening the teeth to remove some of the color, and then have porcelain veneers custom made by someone who has made many of them.  Look at photos of previous veneers made for other patients before making the investment.  Porcelain veneers will be more costly initially but will look fantastic and will last your lifetime.

Chicago Dentist

To bond or not to bond

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Please go and visit a cosmetic dentist. For the issues you mentioned, Bonding  may not be a feasible solution for you. Sounds to me you may have to look into veneers if you like a better and longer lasting solution.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Bonding for Tetracycline stained teeth

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Before porcelain veneers, we used bonding for darker stained teeth.  Bonding material is porcelain and plastic which is bonded to the front of your teeth to change shape or color.  It will stain and gets dull rather quickly.  Your teeth under the bonding may be able to be bleached with Kor or porcelain veneers or Lumineers placed.  Search for a cosmetic dentist in your area and set up a consultation.

Look into Invisalign and Veneers or Kor Whitening

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Tetracycline stains are deep in the tooth and are challenging for patients and their dentists. 

If you were happy with the alignment, I would try Kor Whitening-  Deep bleaching that really works.  You will never get out the grey of the tetracycline teeth but you can get out the yellow.

If you do not like the alignment of your teeth, go get braces-even Invisalign(the clear braces) can help.  Then you can whiten with Kor.

If you don't want to whiten or do braces then veneers are the treatment choice for you.  Be careful-You need a skilled dentist to mask the darkness that can show through with tetracycline teeth.  Much success-

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Dental bonding for tetracycline stains

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Try  whitening and enamel microabrasion first to tone down the tetracycline stains . A tooth that  is less dark under the bonding will make it easier to achieve a brighter looking results

It can be hard to mask the tetracycline stains with just bonded veneers ,your ultimate goal for the best cosmetic result is porcelain veneers not plastic bonding

Laura Torrado, DDS
New York Dentist

Dental bonding normally not satisfying

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Cases where dental bonding is a "success" are when the condition is minor to start.  Minor chips, gaps or length can be well done with bonding.  If teeth are rotated, discolored, have several gaps and more, then the investment to bond will likely be met with remorse.

Porcelain veneers, whether minimal prep or not, are normally a better investment.  Color control is better, they are stronger, more color stable, and can correct misalignments much better.

Seek an opinion of an experienced cosmetic dentist in your area, and plan to spend $10-15,000.

The attached video is all from porcelain veneers and not bonding.

You may need veneers.

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Have a consultation with a dentist in your area.  From what you described you may not be a candidate for bonding.  It sounds like a veneer case to me.   Bonding most likely will not permanently fix the problems you unhappy with.  Porcelain veneers may be a better long term solution for you.

Kimberly Johnson Genc, DDS
Newport Beach Dentist

Veeners vs Bonding

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Bonding your teeth due to  tetracycline might not be the best  option for you. You should have a consultation with your dentist to discuss veneers which over all would be the best solution. Bonding material discolors overtime & would need to be changed .

Lawrence Gilbert, DDS
Woodbury Dentist

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