Permanent and Quick Option for Teeth Gap?

I have a gap between my two front teeth, probably 3 mm wide. I want a permament and quick option. Can you tell me if "tooth bonding" is suitable for me? I've also come across something on the Internet called "tooth effect bands" but I'm not sure I trust them. They're pieces of rubber bands that are supposed to push your teeth together.

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Closing the Gap Between Front Teeth


The space between front teeth can be closed with bonding, this is the most economical and conservative approach.


However, over time the bonding can discolor and will need to be replaced. Need to keep in mind also that the teeth will become wider and a mock-up prior to placing the bonding permanently can give the patient a better idea how things will look. The gap can also be closed with veneers, but it is more costly,  requires two appointments and will be more drilling on the teeth. Can not stress the importance of mock-up for more accurate evaluation of the size and shape of the teeth for a more successful outcome.




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Permanent? Maybe not

Few things in health care are permanent.  Ask your dentist what solutions will give you the best value for your money and help you get what you want, but it's healthier to start with 'how long' instead of focusing on 'permanent.'

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Tooth Gap

A 3mm wide space between your front teeth is a great candidate for dental bonding as long as your teeth are long enough to accommodate the added width. If you start out with short teeth with a 3mm gap, then trying to widen the teeth will make your front teeth look too wide. Dental bonding is the most conservative procedure we do as dentists and it can last for many many years, but no procedures are predictably permanent. Certainly stay away from do it yourself orthodontics!

Closing the Gap between Two Front Teeth

Gaps occur in our smiles when the size of the jaws and teeth are not in harmony.  There are a variety of way to close the gap between the front teeth.  Bonding is adhering composite material (a combination of acrylic plastic and porcelain powders) to the sides of the teeth.  This would be the least costly but would only last five to ten years.  The best long term solution would be with porcelain veneers, and the best veneers would be ones that only cover a small portion of the fronts of the teeth.  I called these "partial veneers".  I prefer partial veneers over full veneers that cover the entire front of the teeth because they are more conservative.  I like to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.  In regard to the orthodontic rubber bands that pull the teeth together, the gap will be transferred to the outer sides of the teeth.  To hold the teeth in place afterward would require some form of retention, perhaps a wire bonded to the backside of the teeth.

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Bonding - Closing the Gap

Hello there...yes dental composite bonding is the quickest, easiest way to close a gap between teeth.  The most common gap to close is the one between the two front teeth. There is an art and a science to bonding that many general dentists have not taken the time to master.  I have personally removed many "bad" bonding's and redone them.  Factors including color (added composite was too dark), shape (one tooth did not match the other), mirror image (the two front teeth were left asymmetrical), and/or margin lines (the meld between tooth and composite was visible.)  The very best advice for you is to look for a board accredited cosmetic dentist in your area who has trained then passed a series of examinations on the art and science of cosmetic dentistry.

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Front tooth gap

While cosmetic tooth bonding with  plastic tooth colored filling material is a quick and economical approach towards closing a front tooth gap, ceramic veneers will offer a more permanent treatment option.  This is because the ceramics are more color stable and stronger materials which renders them less likely to chip.

Closing gap in between 2 fron teeth

If you want to close 3 mm gap fast and effectively - bonding is the way to go. You will increase the width of each tooth by 1.5 mm, which is not very significant amount. You have to remember that bonding material with the time might change the color, but then again you can replace it very fast end effectively too.Good luck!

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Permanent and Quick Option for Teeth Gap?

Bonding can be a good solution for a gap like this. But not always...

If your teeth are attractively shaped and proportioned now, bonding can make them look too wide. Teeth bands may help make the space smaller, but will cause other problems like making space in the teeth next to those. There are a long list of problems that can be caused including that the space will come back later.

Bonding when it is done by a skilled cosmetic dentist, can produce a beautiful result. In my office we would offer you computer smile imaging so that we both could look at it and decide if that looks good on you. We may even do a bonding simulation so we both could look at it as well. 

If you want a quick simple improvement, bonding is most likely the answer. If you want a perfect result, it might even take some porcelain veneers to create the right proportions.

Find a great cosmetic dentist, be as specific as possible about what results you want. Think through what you are willing to invest in cost and time to accomplish it. Then have a great conversation. For a (true) cosmetic dentist, these topics are daily ones and he should be able to guide you to a choice that works well. Thanks, Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS

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Gap closure

For a space 3mm wide, the gap bands would most likely NOT be your best option. If it pulls the teeth together, it will either create a space on the opposite side of the tooth or tilt the teeth in too fast. Those bands could also potentially cause damage to the gums if they slip down under the tissue.

If you do porcelain bonding, it will last a long time. However, with a space that large, you might want to consider going to a specialist to get an opinion on doing veneers on all the front four teeth and splitting the space up between all four IF you are looking for an esthetic result that is natural. Otherwise, you will have very wide front teeth with no space. [There is a concept called 'Golden Proportions" and if you violate height width ratios too much, they don't look good.]

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Close the gap

Bonding is just a perfect solution permanent solution to close a 3 mm gap in your front teeth.

No bands please!!

Whiten them a bit and them match the new bonding to the color : big cosmetic improvement with a very conservative treatment

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