What Can I Do About my Top Lip? (Male) (photo)

Does my top lip look normal? If not, what could I do to correct it? I think the way it sticks out may affect my speech, because it is difficult to pronounce "r's", and it may tie into my top lip sticking out. Is it possible that it is affecting my speech? Also, how much would it cost and what would be the recovery time?

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Lip Augmentation and Speech

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While the photo does not allow full view of your lips, you may want to consider a dermal filler.  However, without a proper consultation including a physical examination we would not know if there are other functional issues that my be leading to your speech concerns.

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Top lip shape what can be done, lip fillers, and other options exist

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Your lips are a little open and this might cause this picture to show that you lip may be more protruding than what you like or what is in the normal range. I don't think it looks terribly off. You might need some more volume in the upper lip to get it to relate to your lower lip better. More pictures and a real consult would be the best option for you. 

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Lip Asymmetry

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A number of things cause lip asymmetry, including lack of jaw projection, which is what it appears you have from the minimal photograph provided. Your speech problem may also be related to bony problems. The lip does not usually cause the problem you mention. You need to see a Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in Craniofacial surgery for an evaluation.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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Normal Lip Shape Varies

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hi datoreozz:

without front photos and evaluation of lip level as related to your teeth, whether your upper lip is "normal" is really difficult to evaluate.  however, the side view looks fine.  your upper lip is thin and overhangs the lower lip a bit but this is likely related to a strong upper jaw projection.  i would be likely to discourage a lip shortening procedure without further information since it would requie a scar under the nose and the skin distance from the bottom of the nose to the cupids bow of the upper lip looks pretty normal with this limited view.  it could also make closing the lips a little more difficult.

it would be great to see your full profile and evaluate the relationship of your chin to your lips, if your chin is small, support of the lower lip could be improved by addressing the chin and that could bring the lips into better proprortion.

i find it very helpful to evaluate the entire face to see whether the problem that you are identifying is the actual problems or just what attracts your eye because of something else.

i agree that any speech problems are likely due to issues inside your mouth not outside/ lip related. 

Work with a board certified plastic surgeon who is willing to look at the whole picture (your whole facial balance) to address your concerns.  talk over what bothers you and let him or her guide you to better balance of your lips.

best of luck!

dr h

Mary C. Herte, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Top lip look normal?

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Your question has both functional (speech) and aesthetic (upper lip appearance) components. Relationship of upper and lower lip projection largely a reflection of upper and lower jaw and dental relationship, described in cephalometric terms. Regarding impact on speech, more likely oropharyngeal anatomy (rather than lip anatomy alone) influential. See a speech therapist for evaluation. Frontal view(s) of lips required to more thoroughly understand lip aesthetics, and determine whether or not it is "normal."

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Solution for top lip

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Based on the photo provided, you may be a candidate for a lip lift procedure.  More information would be required to say if this is affecting your speech. However, the lip lift would definitely improve the appearance.This procedure is designed to raise the upper lip up and remove space between the bottom of the nose to the top lip.  I perform this procedures several times a month and it is performed under local anesthesia.   Many patients fly in and stay for 2-3 nights. You are able to go to work in a few days.  I explain more about the procedure in the video below.

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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