What is the Downtime After Getting Dog Ears Removed?

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Recovery after dog ear excision

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Dear Michelle2784,

In most cases, excision of the excess tissue at the end of an incision (frequently called dog ears) is done with local anesthesia. Recovery is usually just a few days from work and in most cases regular activity can be resumed after a week. Please discuss the particulars with your surgeon. Good luck.

Down time after dog ears

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The downtime after lateral dog ear correction is minimal.  There is no drain, the sutures should be dissolvable, and there should not be a lot of tension following the procedure.  Pain should be close to non-existent since its just skin and fat that is being removed.  The only real down time that I can imagine is swimming/jacuzzi or wearing revealing clothes for a week or two.

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Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Questions about down time following dog ear removal.

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The down time after having dog ears removed would depend on the area and size. The procedure most often is performed under local anesthesia in the office. You could go back to work or school potentially the same day. There may be some limitations of other activities depending again on the size and area of removal as well as the activities that you are considering. It is generally a very minor procedure.

Recovery for Dog Ear Removal

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Thank you for your question.

"Dog Ears" are generally referred to the ends of the incision line where the skin is "puckered" a bit.  The recovery process for dog ear removal is much easier than the tummy tuck surgery.  You need to take it easy for a few days and take care of the incision.

Best Wishes!

Doggy ears---

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Having excess skin at the ends of a tummy tuck incision is not uncommon.   The excess skin and fat of the abdomen does not end at the sides of the body.   The excess skin unfortunately follows the natural curve around the body----fatty excess over the hips and makes up the flanks.  The abdominoplasty incision is kept as short as possible to gain the greatest result.  Sometimes to take up the extra skin on the flanks to "complete" the tummy tuck, the incisions extend laterally.   

When a patient is laying on the OR table and surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon in his/her best judgement cuts and tailors the closure as best as can be done.   When you stand up after the surgery and the healing time has gone at least 4 months, sometimes there are small excess areas of skin at the very ends of the incisions---these are affectionately known as dog-ears.   Incising these dog--ears is an easy in-office procedure.  

I explain to the patient prior to a tummy tuck that there may be small excess areas of skin that may need to be trimmed after the surgery.  How big, small depends on the patient.   I explain that I have to trim these dog ears in less than 1 out of a hundred tummy tucks I perform.   Telling the patient up front allays much of anxiety should these dog ears  need to be trimmed at a later date.   It is no reflection on the quality of the surgeon nor is it indicative of a "bad surgery."  

The real key is to have a good rapport with your surgeon.  "Dog ear" policy differs practice to practice.  Good luck!

What is the Downtime After Getting Dog Ears Removed?

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If you are truly asking about minor "dog ears" than a week at most. But if you need a larger lateral excision plan on 2 weeks. 

Recovery from "dog ear" removal is minimal

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The recovery is just a few days off work from dog ear removal, whether this involves direct excsion of the tissue with or without liposuction. This is a much easier recovery than your initial tummy tuck. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon before having the revision done.

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