I Am Thinking About Having an Old SoftForm Implant Removed - is This Likely to Be Difficult?

I had a SoftForm implant inserted about 13-14 years ago that I have never been happy with and have decided I would really like to have it removed. The trouble is that the surgeon who inserted it for me is now deceased and I can't find another surgeon who has removed one of these before. Is it difficult to take one of these out (due to tissue in-growth) and should I seek out a surgeon who has done this before, or am I safe going with a general, certified plastic surgeon?

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Remove soft form lip implants

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  • Softform lip implants are a tube of Goretex.
  • They can be removed.
  • Although tissue will grow into the tube, it should be easy to release.
  • Any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon should be able to remove these implants - if he can find them 
  • Finding them is much easier if you can clearly feel them at the corner of the lip. 

Soft Form PTFE Lip Implant Removal

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Soft form lip  implants are made from PTFE (same material that Gortex is made from). Although there may be some ingrowth of tissue into the implant, the removal is straight forward in my experience. Any board certified plastic surgeon should be able to remove these. Typically this is done as an office procedure under local anesthesia.

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