How Long After PermaLip Before I Can out in Public? (photo)

I had my implants yesterday. I understand that it will be a long time before the swelling is gone, but how long will it be before I can go out of the house without looking freakish and attracting stares? I feel better than I thought I would - no pain - but I look much worse. I didn't comprehend how bad the swelling and bruising would be. I have appointments next week and I'm thinking I may have to cancel them and plan on holing up in the house, but for how long?

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What to Expect after the Permalip Procedure

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Your lips look good and quite normal after the Permalip procedure.

Bruising resolves nicely by a week or so, but lipstick can hide the bruising to some extent.  Swelling has reduced by 5 days, and ice and/or steroid treatment can reduce and limit swelling.   It would be best to follow the recommendations of your doctor.

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Permalip results

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 I predict that you will be very pleased with your results. Post-operative swelling and especially bruising are highly variable. The good news for you is that you have minimal bruising . Regarding when you can go out, it of course depends on your personal comfort level. You may be swollen for 2 weeks or more but you should feel comfortable going out before that. Cold packs really do help.

Permalip lip implant permanent lip augmentation permanent lip filler silicone lip implant plump lips rejuvenate lips

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Hi Deniseb2, Thank you for your question of how long after your Permalip lip implant procedure can you go out in public.  This is a very common question. Going out in public is a personal choice, not a medical choice. Going out in public is up to you and how comfortable you feel and how comfortable you feel with people looking at you. Returning to work, keeping appointments, having business meetings, running errands, returning to the gym, and engaging in social activities and functions are totally up to you and your comfort level. Everyone is different.  After Permalip lip implant insertion, everyone develops lip swelling. Lip swelling or edema is completely normal. The lip swelling after Permalip lip implant insertion is usually at its maximum about 48 to 72 hours after the Permalip lip implant procedure. Three days after the Permalip lip implant procedure, lip swelling usually decreases. Three days after the Permalip lip implant procedure, most of the upper lip swelling is gone. Ten days after the Permalip lip implant procedure, most of the swelling is gone from the lower lip.  I hope that I have answered your questions regarding being able to go out in public after Permalip lip implant insertion.  If you have any further questions regarding the Permalip lip implant procedure, please contact my office.  Sincerely, Dr. Katzen.

Going In Public After PermaLip Implants

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Typically, the swelling will resolve itself in a couple of weeks, depending on your age, whether you're a smoker, and if you are using ice and prescriptions given to you at the time of your procedure. You can use make up to conceal the majority of the swelling and bruising. And of course, the decision to go out "in public" will depend on your own comfort level.

Lip Implant Recovery - How Long After PermaLip Before I Can out in Public?

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Thank you for your question. Following implantation with the
PermaLip (Perma Facial) implant, some degree of swelling is expected. Swelling
typically reaches a maximum within about 24 hours following the procedure, then
improves daily so that it is mostly (but not entirely) resolved by 7 days after
the procedure. Most people feel comfortable being seen in public by about 7-10
days following the procedure. However, final resolution of the swelling takes a
little longer. Speak with your surgeon about measures that you may consider
taking to facilitate resolution of the swelling.

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Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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