Will Having a Thin Gore-tex Implant As Opposed to a Thick One in the Nose Lessen the Chances of Extrusion/infection?

A month ago, I had rhinoplasty where the PS used a thin piece of gore-tex to on my nose bridge. I used a thinner implant because I was satisfied with the height of my bridge, but wanted the appearance of a more narrow definition from the front. I have read about the risks of extrusion/ infection using implants such as gore-tex/silicone. However, will using a much thinner gore-tex implant lesson the risks significantly?

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The thickness of an implant doesn't affect the risk of extrusion or infection.

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The thickness of an implant used in Asian rhinoplasty is not as important as where and how it is placed. The risk of extrusion or infection is much higher when the implants placed in the tip or columella (the strip of skin between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, which separates the nostrils).

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As Long As It Is Placed Well The Thickness of The Gore-tex Implant Should Not effect The Rate of Extrusion

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As a general rule, the thickness of the implant should not increase the chances of extrusion. As long as the implant is placed well, in a snug but not too tight pocket (so it doesn't move but is not compressed), is deep to the dermis, and is covered with tissue all the way around, it should be fine. The only reason that a thicker piece might be more likely to extrude is if the thickness of the Gore-tex causes pressure on the skin over the top of the implant. As long as the implant is sitting comfortably, there should be no problem. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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Gortex Implant Extrusion

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Thickness of any implant has little to do with extrusion. The most important factor is how the implant is put in and the shape of the implant and of course the skill of your surgeon. Although the gortex may have raised your bridge, its the shape of the implant the makes it narrow and defined which is determined by the how the surgeon shapes the implant. Any implant can extrude if not place properly.



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I am not a big fan of gortex implants in the nose.  There is a higher risk of complications with this implant.  You might be better off with autologous tissue.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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