How Can I Thicken my Eyebrows?

I have eyebrows that are very thin and feminine. They make the top half of my face appear girl-like. I would like to know if there is a procedure where it can help make my eyebrows appear more like a man's? Also, do you know the price range?

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Hair Transplant for eyebrows

The ability to transplant hair to the eyebrows totally depends on the quality of the hair in the lower back of the head.  In some individuals the hair is a good match for eyebrows and others it is not.  Only a doctor can tell you this.  Also, you have to trim this hair constantly because it continues to grow. 

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Easier than you think

Hello Ryan44

Thank you for your question. I would suggest you go an see a local surgeon and get a real idea for your situation, on how to help.

Over-plucking, genetics, ageing and illness leave many with permanently damaged hair follicles that are no longer able to grow. At Bella Vou we use proven cosmetic techniques to solve permanent hair loss in the brow area. Eyebrow restoration with Bella Vou is an excellent way to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of hair loss that result from over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes.

Our prices for this procedure start at £3,500. I wish you well with your journey and getting your desired outcome.

One option to thicken eyebrow is a eyebrow hair transplant surgery.

One option to thicken eyebrow is a eyebrow hair transplant surgery.  You would need to consult with doctor to make sure this would be an option for you.  The price range can be in the thousands.

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Neograft for eyebrows

The Neograft system enables an experienced technician to extract single hair grafts/hair follicles from the lateral part of the occipital region of your scalp, which offers the largest number of small diameter single-hair follicular units which are required to build eyebrow transplants that can’t be distinguished from natural ones. Of all the differenthair replacement procedures, eyebrow hair restoration requires the most skill, precision and artistry.

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Thicken Eyebrows with Hair Transplantation

I would highly recommend you consider hair transplantation to thicken the eyebrows.  It's a permanent solution that I find very successful for patients.  The only downside is that it requires patience.  A eyebrow hair transplant can take up to a year to yield final results.  The charge for the transplant will likely run you somewhere around $3000 and takes approximately 3 hours to complete.  You'll experience swelling for the first 7-10 days and will have some redness around the brow area for about 4 weeks post procedure.

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Thickening eyebrows

Absolutely. A large percentage of our male eyebrow work is done for just this reason. Many male patients come in requesting that both the shape of the eyebrow and its thickness be made more agressive and masculine in nature. This is easy to design and do with a scarless FUE technique. Usually 30-60 hairs per eyebrow will get the added thickness most men desire. Most importantly as with all eyebrow work each and every hair is placed by myself and the patient is constantly reviewing the result and okaying the design. Eyebrow work is both artistic and tedius. The cost for most male brow transplants is usually between $2500 and $4500 depending on the difficulty and extent of the transplant.

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New Eyebrow Transplant Technique

Eyebrow transplantation is an expression of science and art.  The shape of the eyebrow created is something that must be a reflection of the surgeon's artistry and judgment in collaboration with a patient.  It must be gender, ethnic, and facially adapted.  One of the most marvelous inventions is an implanter that I have been using now for a year that has totally changed the game on eyebrow transplants allowing me to densely pack the grafts and to see the results as I create them.  It has truly been a game changer, and I believe that I am one of very few how is doing that.

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Eyebrow Transplant To Thicken Eyebrows

Yes, eyebrow transplant is a very viable option for someone seeking thicker eyebrows due to:

  • Cosmetic over-plucking
  • Hair loss with age
  • Naturally thin eyebrows
  • Accident/burn

Eyebrow transplant requires follicular unit extraction and the use of nape hair (which is a slow-growing fine-caliber hair that blends with the eyebrows well). Practitioners of body hair transplant are able to enlist leg hair as a donor source if needed, which may be an even better cosmetic match than nape hair. The price ranges between $5 per graft and $12 per graft usually. But some surgeons charge by the hour.


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Eyebrow hair grafting

Eyebrows can be grafted  to give greater density, as well as to replace hairs that may either have been plucked or shaved.  The traditional donor site using the posterior scalp is considered.  Be aware that the grafted hairs will always grow in size and will need to be trimmed, but the procedure does work.


Good luck.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Thickening your eyebrows

Off-label use of Latisse for eyebrow thickening in one possibility.  Of course, when you stop using the Latisse, the hairs will eventually fall out.  You should consider an in-person consultation for hair transplantation to your eyebrows. We have seen great results using this technique.  The donor site scar is short and heals remarkably well. It is often imperceptible, even by your stylist.  The procedure can be done in our office and under local anesthetic.  One session is usually enough, but a touch up may be desired to fine tune the shape.  Good luck to you.

Allan J. Parungao, MD
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