My Transplanted Brows Lasted Only for a Month. Will It Really Grow Back?

I just had a brow transplant over a month ago. But after barely 4 weeks, the transplanted brows are plucking. Only few remains now. Will it grow back?

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Transplanted brows lasted one month

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It sounds as if you are referring to the hair shafts shedding and falling out after about one month. This is a normal process with any hair transplant procedure, including eyebrow transplants. The hair follicle will then generate a new hair shaft that will grow in over the next several months and should start to really be evident by about six months post-transplant. The full result cannot be judged until around month 12.

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In general it may take 6 to 12 months to see results after a hair transplant surgery.

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In general it may take 6 to 12 months to see results after a hair transplant surgery.  You should not be plucking any hairs at this point.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Re: Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results

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It is actually quite normal for graft hairs to fall out shortly after your procedure. They enter a resting telogen phase due to the trauma from being transferred from one location to another.

This resting phase can last around 3 months. Afterwards, new hair will start to grow as it enters the anagen growth phase.

If you are interested in seeing an example of a patient who underwent this procedure, here is a video.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Eyebrow Transplant Shedding

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Yes, it is normal to shed the hair that was transplanted.  If the follicles are intact you should start to see growth at 3 months.  Check in with your surgeon at 6 months for evaluation.  Good luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyebrow shedding following transplant

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It is expected that the hair shafts will shed following transplant.  The hair follicles have assumed the shedding phase called telogen which can last 3 months. The follicles will then go into anagen phase which is the active growth phase.

It will take another 3-4 months at this point to see adequate growth.




Dr Malouf

Peter J. Malouf, DO
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Hair Transplant Shedding

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It is expected to lose the hair shafts approximately a month after a hair transplantation procedure.  The hair follicles remain and will produce new hair shafts that will begin to appear between 3 months to a year after the surgery.

Anthony Perri, MD
Houston Dermatologist

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