Can They Still Put my Crown on when my Tooth Fell Apart Near the Gum? I Have the Tooth Still Should I Keep It for Them?

I had a root canal done a while back but been waiting for my crown but now my tooth fell apart near the gum would they still be able to put the crown on or no? I have the part of the tooth

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Do not wait to go back to see your dentist

     Your tooth IS failing.  Get back to your dentist and let them evaluate the fractured tooth.  If there is enough sound tooth structure, a new crown will be in order.

     If too much tooth broke off or if the fracture involves the root, cut your losses and have the compromised tooth replaced with an implant supported crown.


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It is not advised to wait for a crown after a tooth has been root canaled.

It is not advised to wait for a crown after a tooth has had a  root canal because of what you just described. I am not clear when you say " I am waiting for my crown " . Have you had a dentist prep your tooth yet, or are you saying you never went back to complete the procedure?

 in either case a new crown has to be made. In the latter case however if your tooth is broken far below gum line, you will need to extract it and look at  replacement options such as implants or bridges..  

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist
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Crown going on Tooth that Fell Apart after Root Canal Therapy

It really depends on how far below the gum or bone the tooth fractured. If too much of the root broke, than you would be better off extracting the tooth and having an implant done instead.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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