Thermage or mini face lift?

my age is 38 and my husband is 8 yrs younger to me. due to lot of weight loss my face skin has sagged and jaws have started drooping down. i want to know which one has permanant affect thermage or mini face lift so that we look perfect pair

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Thermage CPT, facelifts, and fillers

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Thermage CPT can substantially help tighten our skin however if you are having major drooping skin it may not help, and a mini facelift could be an option. Given your age non-invasive face tightening procedures such as Ulthera or Thermage often provide reasonable skin tightening. It will be hard to tell without seeing the photographs. Consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has access to many of these procedures and has done them. Sometimes adding a volumizing filler like Voluma, Sculptra, or Radiesse will give a facelift-like effect.

Thermage versus Mini-Face Lift

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I love Thermage for skin tightening and have had incredible results.  It takes several months for the collagen to be formed and the skin tightened.  However, if you have a great deal of extra skin from weight loss you may be better off having a mini-face lift if you would consider surgery.  It is best to go to an experienced physician for a consultation to have the best cosmetic results.

Thermage or mini-facelift

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Hi. It is hard to answer this question without seeing photos. The answer depends on the amount of improvement you want and whether you are willing to have surgery. Have a look at the gallery of photos on the link below as a comparison of the techniques and be honest with yourself about how much improvement you want. If you have lost a lot of weight then probably a facelift is a better option. All the best with your decision. Regards Dr Charles Cope

Thermage vs. lower face lift

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Thermage is non-invasive modality which utilizes radiofrequency for lifting and tightening of the skin. It's target depth in the skin is about 4mm. Immediately following the procedure, you will notice some tightening which is a result of contraction of existing collagen. Over the ensuing 6 months, you will notice gradual tightening as new collagen is laid down. The effect is permanent, however, the company states that you can have a subsequent treatment after 6-24 months for added benefit.

I can not say that Thermage would accomplish what you could expect after a lower face lift. However, a face lift is a surgical procedure with other risk factors to take into account. If you are open to surgery, this will lead to a better aesthetic outcome. 

Thermage or mini facelift

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When you have a small amount of facial and neck laxity then RF either by Thermage or Infini can help and can be repeated and is non surgical. If however the laxity is more severe then a facelift is indicated. Be aware a mini lift gives very little results in the neck..

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