Thermage CPT leave dark spot?

Just had Thermage CPT last week on my face and neck but I started to have some dark spots on my neck would it disappear over time or it's permanent burn scar

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Thermage CPT and Dark Spots

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Thermage CPT has no side effects or down time and should be non-painful.  I wonder what settings were used and if you had any pain during or immediately after the procedure.  Please return to your treating physician to show them.  It is always important to go to a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with lasers for the best results.

Dark spot from Thermage

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It is unusual to have a dark spot after Thermage, unless high energy levels were used and there was repetitive application to a specific area. 

Did you notice a blister preceding the dark spot? Were you pre-treated with any pain medications prior to the procedure? The company which makes Thermage does not recommend using any pain medications for this procedure because the patient needs to be awake and alert in order to provide feedback as to whether the temperature is too high and if the patient is at risk for developing a burn.

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