Is There a Risk of Having a person Skin Burnt by miraDry?

If a person has sensitive skin. Since it uses microwaves could it  burn their skin. Have you seen this happen or is it a non-concern?

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Burns can happen with treatment of any energy or light based device. However, in experienced hands, that possibility is generally removed.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Extremely small risk of burning and bruising after miraDry

Although uncommon, there is an extremely small risk of burning and bruising from treatment.  If this does occur, it can be easily treated. 


Karyn Grossman, MD
Santa Monica Dermatologic Surgeon
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Never seen that complication in my practice

This kind of serious complication is certainly possible but never encountered in our clinic. These are typical potential complications:

There are 3 categories of  potential side effects associated with miraDry procedure.

Common Side Effects:

  - swelling in the treated area  ( 1-8  weeks)
  - Soreness, discomfort or tenderness of the treated area  ( 2-3 weeks)
  - altered sensation in or around treatment area  (1-12 weeks)
  - redness from device suction ( few days)
  - bruising at the injection sites ( few days)
  - temporary bumps or lumpiness in the axilla ( 4-6 weeks)
  - partial underarm hair loss  ( long term)

Less Common Side Effects:

  - swelling in adjacent arm or torso  ( 1 week)
  - hyperpigmentation ( up to 8 weeks)
  - soreness in arm or shoulder due to procedure positioning  ( few days)
  - numbness or tingling in the arm due to anesthesia, lasting < 24 hours ( <1 day)
  - tight band in the treated area ( up to 8 weeks)
  - small blisters or rashes in the treatment area ( few weeks)


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MiraDry technology is equipped with a cooling system to prevent the skin’s surface from burning

The miraDry® system does use microwave technology to selectively destroy the sweat glands under the arms, however, the technology is equipped with a cooling system to prevent the skin’s surface from burning and minimize procedure discomfort. The underarms are also numbed with local anesthetic before miraDry® treatment to ensure patient comfort.  Although very uncommon in the hands of certified provider, this procedure does carry the risk of side effects such as minor swelling and skin disruption. It’s important to discuss all your concerns and health history with a board certified dermatologist before treatment.

So far, no significant side effects!

We have now treated dozens of patients and have yet to see a thermal injury with MiraDry. The most likely side effect of this nature would probably be a blister. However the Hydroceramic cooling plate is very effective in avoiding this problem.

Michael L. Maris, MD
Dallas Dermatologic Surgeon
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The "microwave technology" used by miraDry does not harm the surface of the skin

The "microwave technology" does not harm the surface of the skin due to a built-in cooling mechanism that cools the surface. Microwave technology bypasses the epidermis and delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the region where the sweat glands reside.

Suzanne Kilmer, MD
Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon
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Skin complication rare from MiraDry treatment for excessive underarm sweating

MiraDry technology delivers cool zone to protect top layer of the skin while providing a heat zone below that wipes out most of the sweat glands at the underarms. On very rare occasion when there is bruising, we offer courtesy VBeam laser which can expedite resolution of any black and blue on the skin after MiraDry treatment for excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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Miradry safety

After the miraDry treatment at the BioSpa Newport Beach, your underarm sweat and odor glands will be eliminated. While your body does need sweat glands to cool itself, your body contains 2-4 million sweat glands – only about 2% are found in your underarms. Eliminating this 2% of sweat glands, does not affect your body’s ability to cool itself. With over 30,000 treatments worldwide, you can feel confident and safe 

With proper treatment , burns would be unusual .

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Very Low Risk of Burns or Blisters with MiraDry

We have not had any issue with burns or blisters of the skin with MiraDry.  However, there is a potential low risk.  This can occur if there is improper or inadequate numbing of the area with the tumescent lidocaine.  

Another possible source of burns on the skin is from the ice packs after the treatment.  Patients need to be careful to cover any ice pack with a paper towel or hand towel so that the numb skin does not get frost bite by excessive icing or direct contact with an ice pack.  Frost bite of the area can cause a burn or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin).  

Never had anyone with burned skin... I even did it to myself to make sure!

Although miraDry is getting a lot of attention recently, it has actually been around for a while. It has been extensively studied and there is no cancer association. The FDA has cleared it for safe use as well. The microwave energy only penetrates 4-5mm in depth and heats up and destroys the sweat and odor glands. The energy does not reach lymph nodes or deeper structures and it in non-ionizing radiation (the safe kind, like radiowaves). I have had the procedure done myself and it has truly been a gift. One and done for 80% of people! In the long term, much more cost-effective than Botox which has to be repeated every 3-6 months. Let us know if we can help in any way.
Botox can be a good alternative while miradry is being approved for use in those areas. Botox prevents the nerves from telling the sweat glands to produce sweat and odor. Hope that helps!
And we are the busiest miraDry practice in California with great results. Let us know if you can help in any way.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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