Is There a Procedure That Will Flatten my Protruding Upper Lip? (photo)

I have never gotten any sort of lip augmentation/surgery done but my upper lip protrudes and gives off that unappealing "duck lip" look that you see most often as a result of bad injections/lip augmentation. It is also quite pointed near the top. I was wondering if I could have something done to flatten my upper lip, and maybe in the process reshape it to look more rounded? Thanks.

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your lips look beautiful and i dont think you need to do anything at all. Most women pay to have nice full lips like yours!!!!

New York Plastic Surgeon

Upper and lower lip Disharmony

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The upper and lower lip ratio in size should be about 1:3.  Fuller lips are a feature that many patients desire so you should think long and hard before reducing the upper lip.  Some options here include augmenting the lower lip to balance the ratio and keep a fuller but more proportional look.  The person examining your lips should investigate your teeth and bony proportions of your mandible and maxilla to make sure they are not contributing to your lip disharmony.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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