Is There a Way to Make my Lips Less Wide?

not to make them less full but smaller in length. thank you.

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Lip reduction

While there are operations to make lips less full, there isn't a good cosmetic operation to reduce the length of the lips, without significant external scarring or distortion of the lip shape.  Sorry.

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Can my lips be made less wide?

This situation requies a highly individualized approach by an experienced surgeon with excellent aesthetic vision and technical skills.  A photo and/or personal exam critically important to evaluate.  Either ens of lips can be symmetrically turned inward, or nasal base can be widened to create the illusion of shorter oral aperture.  Ancillary filler may also be necessary.  This is unconventional, but can be considered if it really presents a problem for you.

Steve Laverson, MD
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Is There a Way to Make my Lips Less Wide?

No, not that should be used aesthetically, IMHO.  Photos would help in the evaluation but this is something I would caution you against.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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