Should There Be Multiple Trays with Same Number on Them?

I just finished my first trays. I put on my second tray and then got curious about what the next two sets (3&4) looked like. Each package is marked U & L 3 & 4 but the trays inside are both marked U & L 2. I even tried on what should have been the 4th set and the feel just like the ones I'm currently wearing. This must be a mistake right? I am going out of town and want to be sure I have the correct trays with me.

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Trays with same number

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Each successive tray should have a different number.  If they are not different I would speak to your dentists and find out what is going on.  I have done a ton of cases and never have  seen that


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Multiple Invisalign Trays With Same Number

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Each successive Invisalign Aligner should have a progressively increasing number on it. Discuss this with your dentist!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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