Is There a Limit to Implant Size?

Frankly, I don't understand how some of these Video Vixens, like Yaris Sanchez, Miracle Watts, Lola Luv Monroe, or porn actresses or female rappers, like Nicki Minaj, get such HUGE implants! AND THEY JIGGLE LIKE REAL BUTTS! I was told that 700Cc is the biggest implant size, yet some of these women seem to have a 1000 or more cc's! How do they get their hips wide? and thighs thick? Are some of their techniques illegal?

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Is There a Limit to Implant Size?

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I have produced some quite impressive results with fat grafting techniques alone.  Buttock implants can be added after the fat grafting to further augment.  In addition, some of these individuals may have had injections of foreign materials.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Buttock Implant sizes

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The largest (legal) buttock implant available in the USA is a 690cc round implant made by AART.  Indeed custom implants can be ordered larger, not only at a premium price but at a premium risk for most patients'.  Unlike breast implants which are placed under the very expandable tissue of the breast and half of the pectoral major muscle, buttock implants are (most preferably) placed under (or at least within) the largest strongest muscle of the body, the gluteus maximus muscle, which is not nearly as expandable or forgiving.  Thus most patients simply do not have a large enough native buttock muscle to fit an implant over even 500 ccs', without leading to significant complication such as wound breakdown/opening &/or implant exposure...necessitating removal.  

Thus some of these names mentioned could have either gotten lucky with an extremely large implant, had a large volume of some type of filler such as silicone or hydrogel (all highly NOT recommended because of possible severe even deadly complications), and/or have relatively natural genetically blessed derrière.

Nonetheless, buttock implants are a proven safe and effective method of buttock  augmentation as long as the recommendations of a board certified plastic surgeon specialist are adhered to.  Glad to help...RAS

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock implants

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  I am not familiar with the names that you have mentioned, however, the implants size depends on multiple factors - body size,  buttock fram size,  size of buttock itself  and finally, the desired butt size by the person. The biggest size, on the shelf , is 565cc's. Anything bigger is special order. It is not recommended to use a huge implant on a small frame butt, because of possible problems with wound closure. The implants are made of soft silicone and they feel and look natural. Make sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with the procedure and can show you a large number of before and after pictures.

     Best of luck,

                          Dr Widder

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