Can Butt Implants Be Squeezed?

I was wondering how soft the Semi-Solid silicone butt implants feel? How flexible is this material? not just in the butt, but when you hold it in your hands, is it hard or jello-like? what would you compare the feeling to? I`ve seen girls get the High cohesive gel butt implants, and look and feel great, natural and jiggle normally. I'm in Canada, I think it's legal here.

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Buttock implants squeezable???

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Although to touch and feel the high density cohesive silicone gel implants they are softer, once a very soft semi-solid silicone rubber implant is place under or within the large gluteus maximus muscle they feel very nearly the same.  In fact this is one of the reasons why they are placed deeper into the muscle as to keep them looking and feeling as natural as possible.  Other advantages to placement under the muscle is that the implant with not migrate or sag over time and it is less like to create a capsular contracture (whereby it turns hard due to an excessive amount of scar tissue surrounding it). Glad to help...RAS

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