Is There Any Good Reason to Have Bruising Around my Tailbone After TT? (photo)

I had mini TT with Bladder lift two weeks ago. Some lipo to waist and back, 500ml total. 3hrs of surgery with epidural left me unable to move my lower body for over 12hrs. I immediately got up and walked as soon as I could. My biggest complaint thereafter was a sore butt. After a week, I caught sight in the mirror... Could this not have been prevented? cheers

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Buttock Bruising After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

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Bruising in the buttocks and tailbone is very common after liposuction of the waistline and flanks. It appears days after the procedure and surprises many patients. It is not from the tummy tuck per se but from the concomitant liposuction. The good news is, besides it will go away, is that aggressive liposuction was done around the waistline giving you a better overall tummy tuck result.


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You had liposuction and layed on your back for the tummy tuck and bladder lift along with inability to move for 12 hours. All  the bruising accumulated in the most dependent area. Fortunately it will all go away in a ouple of weeks.

M. Vincent Makhlouf, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Is There Any Good Reason to Have Bruising Around my Tailbone After TT?

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Yes by rolling you side to side during that 12 hours. Or having a general anesthesia instead of epidural one. 

Bruising Around my Tailbone After TT

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I don't know which areas of your back had suctioning done. This bruising is most likely related either to that suctioning or to the epidural.

The best way I know of to avoid bruising is to not have surgery. The strategies to minimize surgery include:

  • avoiding medicines (like aspirin) that interfere with clotting of blood
  • avoiding high blood pressure--treat before surgery
  • no smoking.
  • use of dilute local anesthesia (tumescent solution) for liposuction and tummy tucks

Nonetheless, there is usually some. Other than in the tailbone area, I see less than I would expect after just two weeks. This too will resolve. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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