Is There Discomfort or Pain Associated with a Seroma & Must It Be Wavy or Can It Look & feel Bloated?

I am 4 months out after a TT and I have gotten a swollen belly about a week ago. It is uncomfortable. I do feel discomfort when I press down on it. Also, one side is more swollen than the other. Is it possible this is a seroma?However, it does not move in a wavy or rippling effect. It just presents itself as swelling&bloating in appearance. I suffer a lot with constipation and have thought that could be the culprit but now I'm wondering if it isn't related to the TT.I took a laxative but didn't help.

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Seroma not usually tender


Thank you for the question and photo.  It sounds like it can be either of the sources you describe.  Once you have a bowel movement, if you feel better and the bloating is resolved then you have your answer.  If you don't then you may want to have your plastic surgeon take a look and evaluate you for a seroma or pseudo bursa.

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New Onset Swelling 4 Months after Tummy Tuck?

You will be best off seeking follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  on line consultants can only speculate as to the cause of the new onset “swelling”. Differential diagnosis includes a seroma,  abdominal wall laxity,  asymmetrical residual adipose tissue or an intra-abdominal process.

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Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Seroma can be a cause of a sudden swelling some time after TT. They don't all look, feel or act the same.  There are other possible causes of the findings you describe.

The best option is for an in person evaluation by your plastic surgeon. Sometimes the exam alone will identify a cause, some times some additional testing (such as an ultrasound) is necessary. 

This is not something I would consider a normal postop finding, so do call your surgeon to make an appointment. 

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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