Is There a Way to Check the Authenticity of Botox Via the Serial Number and Contacting Allergan?

Just wanted to check the authenticity of a product. i recently had botox done in mexico by a dr, but it has been a week now and there are no changes, im not sure if too little was used or maybe it had been subjected to tempreture and lost its efficacy. I have the box and bottle with the serial numbers on it so can allergan confirm its authenticity via this ?

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Was my Botox real?

I have to say, it's kinda strange that you have the box and bottle... but with that being sad, you can absolutely contact Allergan and ask them if it's an authentic vial of Botox. You will need to tell them where you got it done because the lot numbers are different for different countries. Look on the Allergan website for their contact information. There is more to a good treatment than just whether or not a vial is "authentic" such as storing it, reconstituting it, injection technique, etc. So even if they confirm it is real or not, I'm not sure that's going to give you a better result.

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Legitimate Botox Cosmetic

There is a chance that the Allergan customer service center can tell you if your Botox is legitimate or not. However they can not help you with whether it was reconstituted, stored or injected properly.  All of these factors are important when it comes to desirable results regardless of your location in Mexico or the United States.  Botox Cosmetic results are very consistent when used properly and although your ultimate results won't come for another few days you should be experience at least a little difference.  Good luck on your quest.  If you don't like what you find, out seek out another provider.  There are many of us out there happy to help you out.   

Kenneth Janoff, MD
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Just call them

This is possible, however please note that the way the Botox was reconstituted may also affect its effectiveness. Unfortunately, this is something that only your injector would know. If you could ask your injector about how they reconstituted the product as well, you can also provide that info to Allergan. Best of luck.

By the way, how did you obtain the bottle?

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Is There a Way to Check the Authenticity of Botox Via the Serial Number and Contacting Allergan?

Most likely Allergan will assist you with your question as long as you have the vial lot number 

Best of luck 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Hi, first thank you for contacting.
You can and you shoud check if what was applied to you was Botox or not; but sadly that information can have flaws because another reason Botox didn't had any or poor effect on you could be because of the quantity he applied.

Thank you!

Eduardo Sucupira, MD
Brazil Plastic Surgeon

Worth checking with Allergan

I suspect that Allergan will be willing to assist you in determining whether the material injected was in fact, authentic Botox. I also suggest that you contact the doctor who treated you and address your concerns to him. It is also possibble that by the end of the second week, you will see benefits from the injections. In my experience, the peak effect of Dysport is seen within one week and the peak effect of Botox is seen within two weeks.

John J. Bandeian, MD
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Bad Botox?

Your situation is very unfortunate.  I would attempt to contact Allergan as the company is committed to maintaining the integrity of their product and will investigate potential fraud if possible. I agree that you need to be very selective about the injector you choose and recommend a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for your treatments.

Kristin Baird, MD
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You largely get what you pay for.

I think it is improbable that Allergan will assist you in this matter.  However, it is worth contacting the company and directly asking for their help.  I can't stress enough the value of knowing who you are seeing.  If you are a United States citizen, don't go to Mexico for surgical and medical services.  There are far too many stories of this going bad.  Save your travel money for real care in the States.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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