Is there a Botox product that does not contain Human Albumin?

I have patiently been waiting to hear of a botox alternative that does not have Albumin. Is there anything out there?

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Botox product that doesn't contain human allbumin

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There are no neuromodulators that do not have albumin. However, the albumin amount is extremely low. It's used as a bonding agent so the Botox sticks to the nerve endings. Botox contains albumin, a protein component of human blood. The potential risk of spreading viral diseases via human serum albumin is extremely rare. No cases of viral diseases have ever been reported in association with human serum albumin. So... the long and short is that all current neuromodulators have it, but there's never been anything associated with using it, AND millions of vials of neuromodulators have been used on people. 

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