Is There an Alternative to Extracting Teeth (Such As Wearing Braces) to Correct Teeth Crowding for a Smile Makeover?

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Avoid extractions in almost all cases

Removing teeth for cosmeticscan lead to disasterous and dangerous results.  Crowding is due to insufficient arch development.  Removal of teeth for cosmetics cand lead to snoring, sleep apnea, chronic headaches and other serious medical problems.  The tongue fits in the oral cavity and rducing the size can cause distal dislacement that blocks the airway.

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Getting teeth straight !

Extraction is an option, but not always the best and not worst. It really depends on the case. Sometimes it is best to extract to lighten the bite forces, and at times extraction causes more bite forces on the remainig teeth.So I really do not think we should give any advice, unless some records or details are given. I am sorry if thais does not help. But I will bemore than happy to email and aswer you if you like to contat us and email photos or details.


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Braces as an alternative to tooth extractions for smile makeover

Good comments by other Doctors.  Sometimes extractions do sound fast and easy but future complictions in the TMJ or breathing issues or wear or gum proplems may result.  Review all options before pulling teeth.  It depends on where the teeth are and their positioning in the bone also.  Get another opinion also from another dentist or two and you may get a new idea.  Best of Luck!

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Alternatives to extractions

There are many different ways of enhancing your smile without removing teeth.  Sometimes removing teeth is the easiest way so it may be suggested, but there are a lot of troubles that can go along with removing teeth.  We have had patients suffer from sleep apnea, headaches (including migraines), posture problems, tmj pain, etc., and these are all related to having teeth removed.  Orthodontics without extractions is definitely an option for some people, but you have to make sure that the teeth are worth saving.  Hope this helps


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Alternatives to extractions

You can ALWAYS treat people without just might not be the best alternative!  You can get additional room from expansion, slenderizing teeth, pushing teeth "backward" but there are limits to these methods and the final result might be better with exractions.  Just make sure you have all of the pros and cons given to you and get a second or third opinion just to make sure!

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