Is there any adverse/side effects on the fetal development when you undergo RadioFrequency Treatment (Tummy area)?

I just found out that I am 12 weeks pregnant and I had 3 sessions of Radio Frequency, cavitation and G-5 treatment (slimming treatment) over my tummy. I am afraid that this may cause adverse effects on my baby's growth and development inside my womb. Please inform me asap of your answers to my query. I am a worried first time mom. Thanks in advance.

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Stop treatment

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Radiofrequency is contraindicated during pregnancy. I do not believe there is enough known about it to give actual numbers or proven risks.  

Providers offering this treatment should know which patients are candidates. The guidelines are quite specific and conservative.  

Save any prepaid treatments for after you have had your baby.

On a side note, congratulations!

Take good care of yourself.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.


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Typically the wavelengths of radio frequency is too short to reach a fetus.  However, it is best to avoid these treatments during pregnancy.  Also, because of the hormonal changes, you may not get your best results during pregnancy. You might want to discuss this question with your gynecologist.

Unknown Effect

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The effects of RF on pregnant patients has not been studied.  It is unlikely based on the physics of the technology that there would be adverse effects on the fetus, however it is best to speak to your OB/GYN and your plastic surgeon.  There are several different RF treatment technologies.  They tend to work on superficial fat and skin with the energy dissipating after a few milimeters to a few centimeters.  In this way the devices can be used on patients without harming internal organs.  Your baby should be ok, but this is not based on any specific personal experience in this type of situation. 

Treatments during pregnancy (Radiofrequency)

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You best have no elective procedures when pregnant.   I do not know if there is any specific danger but your ObGyn will know,  so do call him or her.   Calling the company may also be useful.   It is always best that patients be questioned about pregnancy before any treatment whatsoever. It is also the responsibility of the  physician doing treatments to be aware of pregnancy and possible issues with treatment rendered.  My Best, Dr C

Is there any adverse/side effects on the fetal development when you undergo RadioFrequency Treatment (Tummy area)?

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