What is the best type of bra to wear after a capsulorrhaphy procedure involving attaching skin to the rib for bottoming out?

Also are there any supplements one can take for stronger/healthy muscle tissue?

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Instructions after Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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Your plastic surgeon should have recommendations for you regarding types of bras and activity limitations after this type of surgery. If so, always best to follow your own plastic surgeon's recommendations.

In my practice, I ask patients to use a “snug and supportive” surgical bra with additional support (band) along the area where internal sutures (capsulorraphy) were used. I also believe that restriction of arm activities is also of importance.

Assuming a well balanced healthy diet I do not advise additional supplements.

Best wishes.

Underwire bra helpful after capsulorraphy

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Thank you for your question. I recommend an underwire bra 24/7 for external support to bolster the internal repair. In my practice we usually use the Natori sports bra but of course there are many options. We recommend Vitamin C supplements and VitaMedica clinical support vitamins. Hope this helps.

Tracy Pfeifer, MD

Bra to wear

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Thanks for your question. I recommend a bra with good support but no underwire. In general, most of the work should be done internally as opposed to externally. Best of luck.

Breast Revision: Capsulorrhaphy, Bras, and Postoperative Care

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You are asking the correct questions! However, it's impossible to give the best answer, as I don't have all the information.

In my opinion, after capsule repair it is critical to keep all the weight off the repair. The weight of the implant will eventually lead to a higher risk of it pulling apart. I believe this is the key reason that capsule repairs have significant failure rates.

I recommend a push-up bra that completely removes any weight on the repair itself. This will be needed for an extremely long time. At least 6 months and probably a year of serious support is needed.

Support should even be worn at night. Don't forget that we sleep about one third of our life. Shape and pocket changes often happen at night as the implant stretches the pocket.

In regards to supplements, I recommend a multi-vitamin. Woman with a healthy diet do not need anything beyond this.

I do also recommend silastic sheets to support the scar and help with its healing. I like the Epiderm brand.

I hope this helps!

Dr Chris Saunders

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