What is the Sientra Breast Implant?

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Which brand of breast implants is best?

In my opinion Sientra , Natrellle and Mentor breast implants are somewhat  similar in profile, performance and durability.  No single company provides every size I would like to use for my patients, so I use more than one brand. I feel like it is my responsibility to know about all the implants,their sizes, shapes and unique characteristics.

I strongly recommend selecting your surgeon based on training, experience and aesthetic sensibility rather than on the basis of which brand of breast implant they typically use. 

You can give two chefs the same recipe but the outcome may be very different. Take time doing research on your plastic surgeon. Excellent surgical training and lots and lots of consistent photos are a must.

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Lexus, Mercedes and BMW

There are 3 main breast implant companies in the United States - sort of like Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW.

Sientra has a more cohesive gel (5th generation which is the latest and greatest) which have less rupture and capsular contracture.  Sientra texturing is unique and theoretically prevents bottoming out or lateralization of the implants compared to a smooth device.  Though they are a bit firmer, the tradeoff is likely less rippling.  

All implants have pros and cons and it is important to discuss these with your surgeon.  Sientra does only sell to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons so rest assured, if your surgeon can use them, he or she is not a family practitioner,  ER doctor, dermatologist, ENT, gynecologist or general surgeon who took a weekend course or "cosmetic fellowship".  

What is the Sientra Breast Implant

Sientra is one of three breast implant companies FDA approved in the U.S.

I like round sientra implants because they have a more cohesive gel and we THINK that this could mean less risk of gel bleed and capsule formation, though we don't have any data on this.

I also like sientra implants because of their surface texturing, which also can reduce the risk of capsules when placed over the muscle and we THINK below the muscle as well, though we don't have any data on this last part.

They are a firmer implant, but that means its less likely to ripple. It also means it feels more firm. I like the feel of their implants and I like the size range, though if you are looking for an ultra high profile implant they don't have it.

Their shaped implants are comparable to the other shaped implants on the market, and differ mostly based on their texturing. The allergan textured implants make me a little nervous because they are too firm and the texturing has caused some long term problems in some patients (double capsules, and late seromas). But the mentor textured shaped implants I use regularly for reconstruction.

In conclusion, there are pluses and minuses to each implant, and what's more important is the surgeon. THAT SAID, Sientra only sells implants to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons which I think is F-ing Awesome and should be the case for the other implant companies as well, but they are willing to sell to family doctors, ER doctors, dermatologists, ENTs and anyone else who wants them and takes a weekend course in "cosmetic medicine".

Sientra's "gummy bear" implant is a highly cohesive silicone breast implant.

The Sientra Corporation Silimed-brand breast implant is an FDA-approved silicone gel implant that is more cohesive and slightly firmer than traditional silicone implants. The increased cohesiveness and firmness of Sientra's HSC and HSC+ implants earned them and others like them the nickname "gummy bear" implants, and they tend reduce the risk of rippling, gel leakage, and capsular contracture when compared to less cohesive and softer implants.

What you need to know about Sientra

Sientra is the US distributor for implants made by Silimed in Brazil.  I have used them since 2004.  Their quality in every way is at least as good as Allergan and Mentor.  They are distinguished by making the only round implant available in the US that is filled with a highly cohesive gel, thereby making it the most ripple resistant and form stable round on the market.  That is not the perfect implant for all occasions, but that implant is of immense desirability in many situations, and neither Allergan nor Mentor make such an implant.

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Sientra add implant options for patients.

A large variety of breast implants are currently available for breast augmentation in the United States. These implants come in a multitude of styles, shapes and sizes.In addition, they may be filled with either saline or several different types of silicone.Each type of implant offers advantages and disadvantages.For this reason, the choice of implant needs to be tailored to the patients’ specific needs.
There are currently three companies that manufacture breast implants in the United States.These include Mentor, Allergan and recently Sientra.Each of these companies offer a variety of implants.
In 2012 Sientra introduced a form stable cohesive gel implant.Although approved by the FDA in 2012, this implant has been in use in Europe for over thirty years.These implants are available in smooth texturized, round and contoured styles.
Theoretically, they offer several advantages over standard silicone gel implants including lower rupture rates, less capsular contractures, less silicone bleed and less rippling.Their main disadvantages appear to be their firmness and their expense.
These implants increase the number of options that are available to prospective breast augmentation patients.It’s important to understand that only board certified plastic surgeons can use this type of implant.For this reason, it’s important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon if you’re considering Sientra breast implants.This surgeon should be able to discuss implant options and help you decide which implant is best for you.

Sientra Breast Implant

Sientra manufactures cohesive gel breast implants. There are two product lines that they are currently promoting:

1) HSC which Sientra claims is the most cohesive round breast implants in the US.
2) HSC+ silicone gel is designed to look and feel like natural breasts. HSC + provides softness without compromising shape retention.

Consult with 3 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options.

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Sientra makes the only highly cohesive round implants on the U.S. market

A: Sientra makes the only highly cohesive round implants on the U.S. market
Sientra, Allergan, and Mentor all make excellent round silicone gel implants. The Allergan and Mentor implants are cohesive, and the Sientra implants are highly cohesive. I have used round silicone gel implants made by all three manufacturers, and all yield good results.
If you are looking specifically for a "gummy bear" implant (highly cohesive), Sientra is the only manufacturer that makes round highly cohesive implants. All three manufacturers make highly cohesive shaped implants.

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Definition of Sientra Breast Implants

Thank you for your question.  Sientra is a brand of Silicone Gel implants that, along with Mentor and Allergan, are FDA approved for use in the United States.  Sientra is the ONLY brand of implants that requires an implanting surgeon be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. 

Sientra breast implants

Our office uses Sientra implants, among others, to enhance breast volume. Sientra is a manufacturer of cohesive gel breast implants.  Selection of the type of breast implant depends on breast biometrics and your examination. 


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