What Are the Risks of Using Invisalign with Gum Recession?

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Risk of invisalign and gum recession?

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Invisalign will not cause gum recession in a healthy patient. What some patients report as gum recession is the repositioning of the gumline associated with the new position of the tooth and root.  If your teeth are very crowded and you straighten them the gum tissue that was compressed between the roots will now assume an even position between the teeth and may appear to have receeded, but this would not be classified as gum recession.  I would not be concerned with gum recession associated with invisalign orthodontics. I have not had any of my patients expirence recession.  

Encinitas Dentist

Invisalign and recesssion

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Invisalign is highly unlikely to cause recession in most cases.  Invisalign movement is planned with the perioduntium (gums and bones supporting the teeth) in mind.  If you don't currently have recession then it is unlikely to cause recession.  If you do currently have recession you will ant to have it evaluated and documented carefully by your treating team.  Recession tends to happen on a large percentage of the population with or without orthodontic treatment.  If you have recession clearly identified as a problem, then it is best to treat this first before invisalign or any orthodontic treatment.  Conventional Ortho therapy has greater capabilities than invisalign and if not done well has more possibility to cause recession.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Invisalign doesnt cause gum recession...

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A bad bite and poor oral hygiene does.. Make sure your gums are healthy before invisalign and you should be fine..I've done cases where the gum recession gets better after invisalign...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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