Invisalign Elastics for Correcting an Overbite?

Is wearing elastics with invisalign a viable alternative to traditional brackets for correction of overbite?

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Invisalign alone can correct overbite.

I correct over bite all the time in my practice using Invisalign alone and  having a few attachments on each side of the mouth. Elastics are usually used to pull a tooth down into position and seeings how overbite is front teeth that are already too far down it seems senseless. Buck teeth or overjet may be what you're talking about..Sometimes those two are confused.

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Invisalign Elastics

Invisalign is a great product that can help a lot of people - but it is not for everyone.  It has its limitations.  THose who don't discuss them with you are uninformed or deceptive.  It sounds like you should seek a few more opinions.  If you are intent on having braces that can't be seen, then you should consider lingual braces such as incognito.  They will be effective but a bit more expensive.  DO it right and wear your retainers when youa re done!!

Lawrence Singer, DMD
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Can Elastics Be Used With Invisalign to Correct an Overjet?

Be very careful and get multiple opinions before using elastics to correct any overjet whether you do it with Invisalign or conventional brackets. Invisalign can be used with elastics to correct minor overjets but not as efficiently as with conventional brackets but using elastics to correct an overjet should always be done with the greatest of caution and may very well NOT be the best way to correct an overjet.

Good luck!

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Elastics with Invisalign can work very well

When Invisalign was created, elastics were not part of the method.  As time has gone on, the innovations of clinicians and researchers has added elastics to the protocol when needed and can be considered a viable alternative to traditional brackets.

It is possible that the time to complete treatment would be longer or more complicated, but it CAN be done.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Elastics with invisalign

With the new G-4 system for Invisalign it has become much easier to use elastics and correct various types of bite problems.  Having said this it alwayls depends on a detailed evaluation by a orthodontist well versed in both traditional and Invisalign treatment to determine what the best appliance is for you!


Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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Invisalign and elastics

Adding orthodontic elastics to Invisalign aligner trays and/or to brackets or buttons attached to specific teeth is a viable option for the correction of certain issues.  With that said, there are certainly some limitations.  Some overbites (or overjets:  protrusion of the upper teeth) may be too severe to correct with only elastics.  Consequently, it is important for your licensed orthodontic specialist to determine the difficulty level of your particular situation.  

Steven Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD
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