Does Invisalign Become Deformed from Taking Them Out/prying Them Out?

I'm on my first tray and they don't seem to fit as snug as they did last week? I just want to get the most benefit out of every try. I have had a hard time getting them out so I'm wondering if I prayed on them to hard???

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Do trays bend

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Trays always fit tight at first then as the teeth move they losen up and can feel ti fit different. this is normal and m,eans you are making progress. keep up the good work. the next tray will feel tight again and go thru the same feelings as the first tray. if course any questions ask your Dr.

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Does invisalign become deformed from taking them out

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Your invisalign trays will feel tighter the first week since that is the desired position of the teeth.  As you wear them they will become looser towards the end of the 2nd week.  What your experiencing is normal.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Invisalign feeling lose

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The trays or aligners will fit more snug the first week then they will feel more passive as you wear them because the teeth are moving into the desired location.  I always tell my patients to put the new tray in at bedtime so that the first time they wear the tray they are not taking it in and out to eat etc.  I want the tray to be in the mouth for several hours and not be disturbed.  Good luck. The trays or aligners will work very well if you wear them like is recommended at least 22 hours per day.  Take them out to eat, brush, and of course floss!  Good luck. 

Rarely have I seen a tray break.  The trays can handle normal wear and tear for the 2 weeks that they are meant to be worn. If a tray breaks then the company Invisalign will replace at no charge in my experience. 


Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

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