The Metal Screw Covering my New Implant Fell off and I Am on Holiday, What Should I Do?

Did 2 implant procedures 3 weeks ago and one of them fell off yesterday, just the screw covering the hole. I am on holiday and don't cpome back for 2 weeks. Can I wait or should I see a dentist? Thanks

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Implant Cover Screw Falls Off

Under normal circumstances, if an implant cover screw were to come off the implant, it would be best to have it placed back on the implant right away.  The reason we like for it to go back is that the soft tissue is maturing around this cover screw and if the implant is left uncovered (without the cover screw) the soft tissue will collapse into the platform head of the implant.  The soft tissue collapse will lead to difficulty in connecting the head of the implant to the implant abutment causing a misfit.  Even if tissue collapse were to occur due to extended time without the implant cover screw, the problem can easily be corrected by having a dental laser cut through the soft tissue with a high energy wavelength that will not overheat the implant.  This is critical if we are looking for a favorable long term prognosis for the implant restoration.  

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Screw came out of implant?

Save the screw, also the tooth most likely will stay in without the screw, I suggest you place a small piece of cotton in the hole and if you know what type of implant and you have the screw most dentist who do implant dentistry should be able to scew it back in good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO  Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Implant screw

It sounds like the healing abutement came off of your implant.  Id go to any local dentist that restores implants and ask them to rescrew it on.  It's better for the implant healing process and the tissue around it if it's on.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
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Implant Covering "Fell Off". What To Do?

This is not a huge deal, but I would see a dentist in the area that you are vacationing and have it put back in place.  It will only take a couple of minutes and will keep the tissue from closing over the implant.  Good luck. 

Scott Young, DDS
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