Can the Medical Assistant Place the Sutures of the Outer Skin After ATummy Tuck?

HI I had a consultation with a Surgeon who mentioned that the outter layer of skin will be finished by his medical assistant (maybe it was his nurse) I dont remember but I am concerned because the scar is my greatest fear. I will think the plastic surgeon will be the one to finish up this important process??? Is this a common practice to let somebody else do the final closure of skin?. Thank you. (I really like this doctor but this is making me hesitate)

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Skin closure in tummy tuck

Some plastic surgeons may have their assistants (nurse or physician assistants) close the skin under their supervision if they trust their assistants' skill.  However, if you do not feel comfortable with a medical assistant closing your skin, you should talk with your plastic surgeon and share your concerns of scars.  If you request, your surgeon should close the skin for you.

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Depends on the experience and skill of the medical assistant

Whether your surgeon is comfortable with his medical or surgical assistant closing the skin of your abdominoplasty depends on the experience and technical skills of the assistant.  Some who are very experienced can probably do just a good a job as the plastic surgeon, but not always.  This is something you can and should discuss with your plastic surgeon.  If you are not comfortable with his assistant doing the closure and he/she is not willing to complete the skin closure at your request, then you might consider looking around for another plastic surgeon.

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If you trust your surgeon and he trust his ssitant, it should be ok

The closure of the incision is part of the surgery and most surgeons close their incisions. . If your surgeon trusts his assistant to do a good job and stands behind his assistants closure, then you should be fine.

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