How Do I Know If Have a Hernia From Kickboxing 2 Months Post-Op TT?

I am 8 weeks after Abdominoplasty & returned to gym 6 wks, just to walk treadmill, then at 8 wks returned to light weights & Kickboxing class. I wore my compression garment in kickboxing & felt great. I was able to do light weights & felt great. All of a sudden, today I'm feeling a burning sensation and pinching in the center only of my incision. I don't know what a hernia feels like but from what people in gym are telling me it sounds like it, or did I damage a suture? I weigh 122lbs.

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Hernia after Tummy Tuck?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description it does not sound like you have experienced enough, to cause a “hernia”. Some discomfort along the incision line is not unexpected after surgery and with increased activity.

Physical examination by your plastic surgeon will be helpful in making a diagnosis and for reassurance.

I hope this helps.

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Eight weeks after surgery, you should be fine to participate in most activities.  If you are having unusual discomfort or "not feeling right" then you should make an appointment with your doctor so they can review your symptoms and perform a physical examination to ensure that you are okay.

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Kickboxing Post Tummy Tuck

Return to light activity soon after surgery is important.  Especially for active patients.  By eight weeks the tissues are well healed.  Intermittent pains along the scar and of the entire abdominal wall are not uncommon, especially after exercise.  This is due to the stretching of the tissues and the nerves waking back up.  If the pain persists see your doctor but likely you're fine.

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