Which is the Best Machine for Fractional CO2 ?

I wanted to know apart from Fraxel Repair which is the best machine available for Fractional CO2. I dont have Fraxel Repair available in my country, Smartxide is also not available at the moment(It was with my dermatologist, but is out for servicing) So which other machine can I do the Fractional CO2 treatment with which will give good results.

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Which is the Best Machine for Fractional CO2 ?

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Thank you for your question.  There are many good machines available today.  the most important thing is going to a qualified physician that has a lot of experience with laser.  In our practice we use the SmartSkin.

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Brand and expertise of physician important for CO2 laser

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Hands down, the most important factor in a successful outcome following CO2 laser resurfacing is the TRAINING and EXPERIENCE of the physician performing the procedure.  Skin type, depth of wrinkles, previous scars, and integrity of the skin are all factors the physician should consider in treating a patient.  I always advise patients to ask the physician their area of expertise (a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon is your best bet).  How many procedures have they performed?  Have they had any complications?--often more experienced surgeons have had to handle mistakes of other less qualified laser operators--you want someone comfortable with complications.  Ask for before and after photos and an information packet on the procedure.

The brand of laser matters as well.  The Lumenis Active/Deep FX and the Fraxel Re:pair are considered the high-end of resurfacing lasers.  Other laser companies offer devices with less power, ability to make a random "stamp", or may allow more collateral skin damage.  This translates into the possibility of prolonged redness, more opportunity for complications, pigmentation, or scarring.  However, in experienced hands some other lasers may be used safely with reliable results.

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Lumenis is the best co2 laser for fractional co2 resurfacing

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It is also the most expensive laser as well. So people tend to avoid purchasing it. But it is worth it. The way it delivers the co2 laser is unique and will lead to less damage to the surrounding skin and less complications. I have a nice page that explains fractional resurfacing.

Philip Young, MD
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