Is the lump in the back of your knees, fat or fluid? If it is fat, can it be lipo'ed?

Hi, I have 2 lumps in the back of my knees, that I have been told were pockets of fluid called "baker's cysts". However, after being put on diuretics for fluid retention, they never decreased and are still there. One bigger and more pronounced than the other. There is no pain issues with it at all. I've had another dr say that it's just "fat" cells that have collected in that spot. Therefore, I want to know, if it is indeed fat, will liposuction be of any benefit back there? Thanks.

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Liposuction for Knees

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If the lumps you're describing consist of fat, they certainly can be treated with liposuction. If they are the only fat pockets you have, the procedure would be quick and pose an easy recovery.

Before considering liposuction, however, a definitive diagnosis is in order. You may want to consult another doctor and consider ultrasound. That could confirm whether the lumps are filled with fluid or fat without too much expense.

Elliot Jacobs, M.D.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Baker's cysts or fat?

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There is quite a difference between a Baker's cyst and fat.  Ultrasound will clearly demonstrate the distinction between the two.  Baker's cysts can be aspirated although there is a difference of opinion on whether the benefit would be long lasting.  You are quite fortunate not to have any pain.  Classically, Baker's cysts are associated with pain and/or shooting "warmth" down the legs.  Try ice compresses and massage as modalities to reduce the cysts, if that is what they are.  Good luck!

I have never heard of liposuction of the back of the knees.

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A Baker cyst any fatty deposits are to completely distinct entities. I don't really see how they would be clinically confused. I've never heard of fat accumulating in the back the knees that was accessible to liposuction.

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