How can I get rid of the "cottage cheese" look on my arms after Liposuction 14 years ago?

had liposuction on my arms 14 years ago. Then I became very ill, having numerous operations and could not exercise for several years. As a result, I now have the most terrible cottage cheese looking arms. How can I get rid of this cottage cheese?

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Need photograph to decide whether or not treatment is available for skin issues after liposuction.

Sometimes an area that has contour irregularities can be retrieved with liposuction successfully. However, if the problem is excess skin then only surgical excision can correct the problem.

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Cottage cheese look in arms

It is very difficult to give you an answer without seeing you.Cellulite in the arms is not that common and if you lost a lot of weight it may be due to looss of weight and muscle mass.There is no cure per say for cellulite.There are things to improve it but you should see a plastic surgeon to see what your situation is.

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