Why is the Left Side of my Belly Shrinking but Right Side is Staying the Same?

I got coolsculpting done a little over a week ago on my lower stomach. No swelling, pain or bruising. Just a little numb. Iv noticed though that my right side of my stomach is slightly larger than my left now? What if my stomach becomes and stays uneven ? Does this happen to people who have done coolsculpting? PLEASE HELP ME

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Coolsculpting Results

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It is not uncommon for one side to respond differently than the other. If this asymmetry continues for more then 3 weeks, contact your treating physician so he or she can guide you through the healing process.

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Give it some time

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Likely the unevenness you are seeing at 1 week post treatment is due to swelling. I would wait 3 months prior to making a determination about one side being larger than the other.  Good luck with your recovery.

Asymmetry One Week Post CoolSculpting

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One week after your CoolSculpting treatment is far too early to determine results.  CoolSculpting targets and freezes the fat cells in a specific area and your body eliminates those cells through the lymphatic system over three months.  You may want to report this asymmetry to your provider so they can note it in your chart and reference that in three months when you come in for post treatment photos.  You may also like to wear a compression garment to give comfort and help reduce the appearance of swelling.  In my practice we include compression garments in our CoolSculpting Complete package which patients enjoy at no extra charge.  CoolSculpting Complete also offers dual machines for faster treatment and vibrational therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system to assist fat cell removal.  As a top CoolSculpting provider we also give our patients free CoolSculpting sessions which each session purchased.  These Instant Rebates are available to our patients due to our status as a Premier Crystal Practice.

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Asymmetry of CoolSculpting for fat reduction

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there can be uneveness after liposuction and all non-invasive fat reduction techniques.  If you see a definite difference between the left and right sides, than wait a couple of months, see your doctor and consider treating only the side that is still enlarged.  rarely this asymmetry is caused by scoliosis.

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CoolSculpting and asymmetry

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As it has been only a week since you have your CoolSculpting procedure performed, it is too soon to draw any conclusions regarding your response to the treatment.  It is possible that one side of your abdomen is responding faster or is a little more swollen, which may manifest in some apparent, temporary asymmetry.  Any asymmetry due to those reasons should even out.  In the highly unlikely event that this asymmetry persists due to other factors, you could always touch up an area with another session of CoolSculpting or Liposonix.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Uneven after one week

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You are still very early in the process of seeing your results from Coolsculpting so don't be concerned.  Sometimes one side of the body does respond quicker than the other side and within a short period of time the other, lagging side, has gotten caught up.  Though the same body and same area, the two sides can respond quite differently.  Some patients have some asymmetry to begin with and become more aware of it after the procedure.  Times like this pre-treatment photos are beneficial.    If for whatever reason, you seem significantly different on one side versus the other you can quite easily have an extra treatment on just one side.  Coolsculpting, for our patients, has resulted in beautiful, even, smooth results and even helped to correct some lumpiness and irregularities after  patients have had previous liposuction.  After a week, don't be concerned with the outcome of treatment just yet.  Be patient and follow up with the office where you were treated 6-8 weeks following your initial treatment.  

Grant Stevens, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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