Can Just One Side of Your Belly Flatten? Is It Ok Not to Have Pain?

2 questions. I had coolsculpting on my lower stomach today and I'm wondering if its possible that only one side could flatten instead of the whole lower stomach. Like just the right side of the lower stomach fat. It's not happening to me I'm just curious because I feel like one side is more numb than the other ( could just be in my head because I'm worrying about it) Also was wondering if its ok not to have any pain after coolsculpting. Does it mean it won't work as well?

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CoolSculpting Abdomen Treatment and Absence of Pain

Pain after CoolSculpting is not an indication of how effective your treatment was. Patients who do not experience any pain or other side effects have received excellent results, and patients who do experience all of the side effects have received excellent results. What is most important in the CoolSculpting process is the consultation to find the right candidate. There is a list of the top providers on the CoolSculpting website. These practices will have the most experience and also may have special pricing. As a Premier Crystal Practice, my patients enjoy Instant Rebates for a free CoolSculpting treatment with each treatment purchased.

You should expect symmetrical results providing the applicators were placed properly and you are an ideal CoolSculpting candidate. CoolSculpting causes a gradual fat reduction and your final results are achieved after three months. If you have concerns at that point, I recommend that you contact your CoolSculpting provider.

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Effectiveness of CoolSculpting does not appear to be related to the pain

Some patients may experience not much pain and still have an excellent result from coolsculpting for fat loss in our nyc practice.  Others may have a lot of pain and derive the same good results.

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No Pain doesn't mean no gain

You don't have to have pain or numbness to have a good treatment.  Each treatment and each side of the body can vary greatly. Some patients have discomfort the first time they have treatment and none the next time or discomfort on one side and not the other but their results are equivalent on side.  If the applicators were placed symmetrically and you completed treatment on either side of your abdomen you should have similar results on both sides.  

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CoolSculpting can be painful, but its usually manageable

Hi, congratulations on your treatment. Assuming the applicators were placed correctly and the cycles finished without error you should have similar results on both sides of your stomach. As for the pain and numbness your description sounds consistent with what we typically see. Some patients have a little numbness and no pain, while others experience both numbness and pain, and one site may react differently than another. These symptoms can usually be managed with over the counter medications and ice........yes ice. CoolSculpting in essence "injured" your fat and your body is reacting to that injury, so just like a sprained ankle, applying ice to the site may speed your recovery. As always, if you have additional questions of the pain is persistent you should consult with your doctor. Best of luck.

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