CoolSculpting Was Applied Unevenly. Will I Have Uneven Results?

My bruises are uneven from the coolsculpting application. One side is about an inch from my belly button while the bruise on the other side is about 3 inches from my belly button. Will I have uneven results?

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Even Results With Two CoolSculpting Applicators

If you have concerns then you should contact your provider to discuss this issue.  Your provider may have purposely placed the applicators in slightly different locations on each side.  CoolSculpting is meant to follow the layout of fat on the patient's body and not every body is symmetrical.  Also, the location of bruising may not necessarily indicate the placement of the applicator.  In some patients the bruising will only occur on one side of the treatment area due to the pull in more stretchy or more dense parts of the body.

Results from CoolSculpting will not be complete until three months at a minimum.  If additional treatments are necessary you may choose to find a provider with a high volume of CoolSculpting treatments.  In additional to having more experience in assessing the patient and delivering the treatment, these medical practices may be able to offer special pricing that is not available to all practices.  As the top CoolSculpting provider and the only Premier Crystal Practice in our region, we offer one free CoolSculpting treatment with each treatment purchased. 

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Unequal coolsculpting

the effect of the coolsculpting reaches farther than the bruised areas so you may still derive an equal result. Sometimes doctors see an asymmetry pre-treatment and purposely place the applicators differently to achieve more symmetry.

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CoolSculpting and bruising

Although I appreciate your concern, it is very unlikely that you will have uneven CoolSculpting results if adequate suction was used and the applicator was placed properly with respect to your anatomy.  It is normal not to bruise exactly the same on each side because no person is exactly symmetrical and sometimes bruises can tract differently along different tissues in the same person.

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Coolsculpting Bruises...

This is completely fine.  You should not be uneven with your end results.

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CoolSculpting Bruises, Not always what they seem

Hi, it is not uncommon for one treatment area to bruise differently on one side of the body than the other, even when the applications were in the exact same spot. Just as no two bodies are alike, no two sides of any person are alike. We all have asymmetry and we may heal (and bruise) in different ways on either side of the body. The important thing is that the treatment is applied in the same location on both sides. Even some variation in placement should not pose significant differences in your results. As always, if you are still concerned I suggest you consult with your doctor. 

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